WFME is sorry to report the death of Henry Walton who was President of WFME from 1983 – 1996.  Professor Walton died in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 13 July 2012.

At the time of the foundation of WFME in 1972, Henry Walton was President of the Association for Medical Education in Europe, and was closely involved in the discussions that led to the development of the World Federation.

He became the second President of WFME, following Andrés A. Santas of Argentina.  During his Presidency, he led the 1988 World Conference on Medical Education, at which the Edinburgh Declaration was endorsed, a global mandate for reform of medical education.  In 1993, the World Summit on Medical Education, in the context of the political and social changes of the time, defined further stages in the development of medical education, particularly in relation to the health care system and the medical profession.

Walton was also instrumental in fostering the close relationship between WFME and WHO and in the development of the Journal Medical Education, of which he was editor for many years.

The wisdom and foresight of Henry Walton will have influence on medical education for many generations, and he will be very much missed.

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