Executive Council

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the decision-making body of WFME. It meets annually to set the strategy and work plan which is managed by the Presidency (President, Vice President and Past President), and delivered through its staff and advisers. Individual profiles of the members of the Executive Council, WFME staff and advisers are published under People.

Voting members

Risk Committee

  • Membership: Otmar Kloiber – WMA (in chair), Marcon Núñez – PAFAMS, William Pinsky – ECFMG, Ahmed Rumayyan – AMEEMR, Liz Butler – external adviser
  • Committee Secretary: Jana Cohlová

Finance Committee

  • Membership: Titi Savitri – SEARAME (in chair), David Gordon – WFME Past-President, Emiola Oluwabunmi Olapade-Olaopa – AMSA, William Pinsky – ECFMG, Liz Butler – external adviser
  • Committee Secretary: Barbora Hrabalová

Regional Assocations Presidents' Forum

  • Membership: Presidents of the six Regional Associations for medical education

WFME Executive Council meeting, April 2023

(L-R) top row: Professor Emiola Olapade-Olaopa (AMSA), Dr Marcos Núñez (PAFAMS), Professor William Pinsky (ECFMG), Dr Otmar Kloiber (WMA), Professor David Gordon (Past-President)

(L-R) bottom row: Professor Titi Savitri (SEARAME), Jana Cohlová (WFME), Professor Ricardo León-Bórquez (President), Dr Geneviève Moineau (Vice-President), Liz Butler (WFME adviser) 

(L-R) on the screen: Romana Kohnová (WFME), Kosha Gala (IFMSA), Dr Uchechukwu Arum (JDN), Barbora Hrabalová (WFME), Professor Ahmed Al-Rumayyan (AMEEMR)

Executive Council meetings

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