Landmark for the World Directory of Medical Schools

Landmark for the World Directory of Medical Schools

One thousand medical schools have now been added to the World Directory of Medical Schools since it began in its present form in 2014.  This milestone was passed in the last few weeks.

The new listings are from almost every country in the world with a medical school, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  The longest-established school in the new listings opened in 1848, and the newest in 2020.

On 4 November 2020 there were 3579 schools in the directory, 3394 of them operational: when WHO produced the first edition of the WHO directory of medical schools in 1953, there were about 600 medical schools in the world.

The World Federation is delighted to continue work with FAIMER in managing and developing the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Pulish date: 09 November 2020
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