Applying for Recognition

Applying for Recognition

Agencies are encouraged to make early contact with WFME to discuss their intention to apply at

Application for eligibility

The following types of agencies are eligible to apply for WFME recognition:

  • The following types of agencies are eligible to apply for WFME recognition:
    • Government entities
    • Entities that are authorised or recognised by the government (either or both of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education) where the school is located
    • Entities that are authorised or recognised by an appropriate professional or scientific association
  • An initial fee of $1,000 is payable by the agency for an initial consideration of eligibility for the full application. This fee is non-refundable.

Self-evaluation and site visit

  • The date for the on-site evaluation visit should be an existing, scheduled visit by the accreditation agency, and ideally coincide with a meeting of the decision-making body also (note that the decision(s) being made at this meeting will not usually be that of the school observed during the site-visit).
  • It is a requirement for the site visit to be at a time when the school is fully operational, meaning with students present.
  • The WFME recognition team will be appointed early; the agency can raise any concerns about conflict of interest in advance.
  • In advance of the visit, the agency will pay the first half of the application fee.
  • Immediately before the visit, the second half of the application fee is payable.

Recognition Decision

  • The recognition team will write the Recognition Report of the observed visit, setting out the extent to which the agency meets WFME Recognition Criteria. The recognition team will also offer quality improvement recommendations, over and above compliance with criteria. The agency will be sent a final draft of the report and invited to comment on issues of fact.
  • The report is submitted to the WFME Recognition Committee and they make the final decision.
  • The President will write to the agency with the recognition decision, and any conditions to be met during a specified time to bring the agency into compliance.
  • There is an opportunity for appeal following notification of the decision on the grounds that due process has not been followed. The decision is considered final when the agency replies to accept the decision, or the period for appeal has passed.
  • The final recognition decision will be published on the WFME website.

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