ECFMG Recognized Accreditation Policy

ECFMG Recognized Accreditation Policy

In 2010, ECFMG, a division of Intealth, introduced medical school accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency, now known as the Recognized Accreditation Policy.

ECFMG’s program of certification assesses whether international medical graduates are ready to enter post-graduate training programs in the United States.

When ECFMG begins implementation of the Recognized Accreditation Policy, it will consist of reporting which medical schools meet requirements of the policy for informational purposes only. It will NOT impact an individual’s eligibility for ECFMG Certification.

“Recognized accreditation” means that the accrediting agency of a medical school has itself been reviewed and recognized by an external quality assurance organization. This quality assurance/recognition organization, in turn, has been reviewed and approved by ECFMG. WFME is one of the organizations approved by ECFMG for the recognition of medical school accrediting agencies.

Detailed information on the Recognized Accreditation Policy is available at Please monitor the ECFMG website for timing of implementation and the latest information on the policy. Specific questions regarding the policy may be sent to

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