Updates to the Recognition of Accreditation Programme

Updates to the Recognition of Accreditation Programme

In April 2024, the WFME Executive Council reaffirmed its commitment to continuous quality improvement by approving changes to the Recognition Programme.

What’s new?

Revised Recognition Criteria

The Recognition Criteria were last revised in 2019. To reflect the lessons learned and the feedback collected over the past four years of the programme, the Recognition Criteria revision process was initiated in spring 2023. WFME invited various stakeholders to join this process, namely WFME-recognised agencies, WFME recognition assessors, members of the Recognition Committee and members of the Executive Council.

Their feedback and suggestions were collected and reflected in the updated criteria, along with the updates made by the WFME Office based on their experience with the Programme.

Main updates:

  • More specific criteria language for unambiguous interpretation.
  • Now covers situations where the agency assessed is not the only authority in the country governing the medical school accreditation process
  • Updated guidance to reflect the updated criteria and enable better understanding of the information requested from an agency.
  • Addition of new criteria that specifically addresses cross-border accreditation.
  • Some criteria merged to remove duplications.
  • Sub-criteria split into individual points for clarity.
  • Reorganised individual sections to better reflect the criteria content.
  • Unified formatting of guidance sections.

Shortened recognition period

To improve the quality assurance process undertaken by the Recognition Programme, the current recognition period of ten years has been shortened to six years. This is designed to better serve the purpose of the WFME Recognition Status and ensure that the quality of medical education in its accredited schools is and remains at an appropriate and rigorous standard for the entire recognition period.

These changes will take effect on 1 January 2025 to newly applying agencies and those seeking renewal of Recognition Status after this date.

Links to new documents

New Recognition Criteria 2024
Recognition Programme Policies and Procedures 2024

If you have any questions, please contact accreditation@wfme.org.


Pulish date: 08 May 2024
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