Change and continuity: four Presidents of WFME

Change and continuity: four Presidents of WFME

Ricardo León and David Gordon – President-elect and President – visited Lund (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) on 28 and 29 August, to meet Stefan Lindgren, Hans Karle and Leif Christensen. Hans Karle and Stefan Lindgren were the Presidents of WFME from 1996 until 2014, and Leif Christensen was the Senior Adviser in the same era.

Detailed and cordial discussions reflected one of the essential qualities of WFME. Medical education is always evolving, but must not lose sight of its origins and of the obligation to retain the best of the past, while adopting necessary change and advancement.

Similarly, the World Federation, as the guardian and advocate for quality in medical education, world-wide, must be loyal to its origin as the non-state actor in official relations with WHO and as the partner in education of the World Medical Association.

But WFME must also evolve to remain the same. In this evolution, WFME works not only with WHO and WMA, but also with our other partners: medical students, junior doctors, and the Regional Associations for Medical Education.

(left to right) Ricardo León-Bórquez, David Gordon, Stefan Lindgren

(left to right) Leif Christensen, David Gordon, Ricardo León-Bórquez, Hans Karle

Pulish date: 08 August 2022
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