WFME Recognition Programme made strides in raising global medical education standards in 2023

WFME Recognition Programme made strides in raising global medical education standards in 2023

2023 Recognition Programme Recap 

2023 was a significant year for the WFME Recognition Programme, with continued global dedication to enhancing medical education standards. We received 10 new applications, conducted 12 site visits to accrediting agencies, engaged 46 assessors, and proudly recognised 9 new agencies!

  • Rising Applications: The 10 new applications demonstrate a remarkable global commitment to ensuring high-quality medical education. These applications represent diverse regions and perspectives, contributing to a truly international program.
  • Rigorous Evaluations: Our 12 thorough site visits ensured a robust and transparent evaluation process. These visits involve interacting with agency representatives, reviewing documentation, and observing practices first hand.
  • Dedicated Expertise: The 46 assessors, experts in medical education and quality assurance, brought invaluable knowledge and experience to the process. Their dedication contributes significantly to program credibility.
  • Recognition Achieved: The 9 newly recognised agencies join a growing network of globally recognised organisations committed to excellence. This achievement signifies their dedication to upholding rigorous standards for medical education.


This successful year underscores the WFME Recognition Programme’s vital role in advancing medical education worldwide. We look forward to welcoming new applications and recognising even more agencies in the coming year. We remain committed to collaborating with the global medical education community to ensure future generations of doctors receive the highest quality training.

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Pulish date: 23 February 2024
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